MadCap Advanced Developer Certification

6 July 2021

As we mentioned before, MadCap Flare is one of the programs we appreciate the most in our daily work. It is also the tool that we are most likely to recommend to our customers when we are exploring together the possibility of migrating existing documentation to a more dynamic format.

We are extremely proud to show the MadCap Advanced Developer logo in our website footer, since our team strongly wanted and successfully earned that certification.

What is the MadCap Advanced Developer certification?

The MadCap Advanced Developer (MAD) Certification Program certifies your ability to use MadCap Flare. In order to get certified, you need to take a test which consists of two parts: theory and practice, so that your knowledge of MadCap Flare will be fully tested.

The first part includes specific questions on the current software version and, once passed, you can access the practical test. To complete the exam, you need to create a sample project from scratch in MadCap Flare and submit it. It should include topics, layouts, a master page, different output types, condition tags, etc.

Therefore, the MAD program not only validates your knowledge of the software itself, but also your expertise on the field and your ability to use the suitable features to create effective documentation.

Why did we get certified?

One of the cornerstones of our company is providing our collaborators with an adequate training. We embrace a broader approach to training, which does not only focus on instructing our collaborators on company procedures, but also considers their personal aptitudes and interests in order to pursue them.

We’ve learned a lot from working alongside our customers because it gave us the chance to analyse all the software features: not only those needed to achieve a specific purpose, but also those which could offer a creative and effective solution in the migration and authoring processes.

We studied, asked for technical support, did one-to-one remote and face-to-face trainings. We finally decided that we were ready and truly happy with our newly acquired expertise and we wanted to certify it.

Now we are proud to be able to offer our customers all of our experience with MadCap Flare, both in the preparation and finalisation of files for translation projects and in the migration of content to MadCap Flare.

If you need to migrate your documentation to MadCap Flare or want us to assist you with the localisation of your content, drop us a line and let’s talk about your project!

Scritto da Davide Giovannini

Davide Giovannini has been collaborating with Editha for 9 years. He has always been involved in IT and has specialized in the use of XML-based writing softwares and CMS. With a passion for astronomy and science fiction, he continues to scan the sky in anticipation of the next supernova.
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