The world of technical documentation has to be constantly updated: old Word manuals have now given way to multichannel systems. A single document is published on various platforms (e.g. paper, digital) and in many ways (e.g. manuals, e-learning courses and webhelp).

The Art of Documentation

Our thirty years of experience in desktop publishing has been founded on the cornerstones of DTP software: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Photoshop and of course Office and MacOS packages.

Our expertise began with classic formats, but more and more we chose to look ahead to the future of technical documentation.

We specialise in the use of MadCap Flare, the ideal solution for multi-channel content publishing, specially designed for advanced topic-based authoring, single-source publishing and content management (CMS). Thanks to our training in field and classroom, we have won our spurs and become certified Advanced Developers, so we are able to support you in the most delicate phases, such as that of migrating manuals, including multilingual ones.

We have dedicated ourselves to discovering all the secrets of Articulate 360, to help you develop your company’s e-learning courses, in all the languages your personnel and collaborators use.

at the heart of the text

We support translation agencies, companies and technical authors through all the phases of technical documentation production. From writing content to multilingual DTP, via translation and CAT Tools.

Desktop Publishing

Multilingual DTP in over 44 languages: we support translation agencies from initial budgeting to final delivery.



We bring new life to your old content, converting it from static to digital formats, making it infinitely more versatile and reusable.

Text authoring

Effective technical documentation: regulation-compliant documents and directives in Simplified Technical Italian.

Who we work with

Translation Agencies

For over 30 years we have supported translation agencies, from budget estimates to final delivery.

We don’t only deal with the layout of translated files, we also accompany our customers right from the initial analysis of the project: we export the files in translatable formats, we optimise them for CAT tools, we highlight critical issues, and if necessary we create the filetypes for translation.

Our mission is to put our experience at the service of our customers: we independently and completely take care of analysing contents, files and projects.

Files in unknown or outdated formats? No problem: we open, check and export them to a format suitable for CAT tools and ready for budgeting and translation.

Advantages for Translation


We have always worked closely with translation project managers, so we know perfectly well the importance of a source file skilfully prepared and processed for translation. We prepare the source files for budgeting and translation, optimising them for CAT tools; we create filetypes optimised to correctly extract the texts.


For multilingual projects, we provide a single point of contact for the Project Manager team. We manage the workflow internally, to ensure delivery of all the project languages without delays.

Software always updated

Customers with unlicensed software? No problem. We open, optimise and prepare the file, then deliver it to be translated to the Project Manager team in a format suitable for CAT tools.

Departments of Technical communication

We have worked with our customers for over 30 years on offering consultancy for the management of multilingual technical documentation.

We analyse your documents in their historical formats and help you to update them, converting the entire corpus of corporate documentation from one format to another, thus simplifying migration work for text authors.

We’re with you from start to finish, correctly arranging rapid localisation of the documentation in over 40 languages: we know very well that each one has particular needs and different rules.

If you need to migrate all your documentation from one format to another, restructuring it effectively, we’ll take care of it.

Advantages for the authoring staff


The optimised texts can be reused in different sections of the same manual or in different manuals, without having to be rewritten model by model. This means that they are pre-prepared for more streamlined translation management.

The latest authoring formats are also more efficient, providing a single source text for multiple publications.


The same contents present in different sections and manuals are written in a single instance, so they are consistent throughout the documentation line.

In applying an update, it is sufficient to modify only the obsolete parts, and the modification will be automatically distributed throughout the documentation.

DireCTIVES 2006/42/EC AND IEC/IEEE 82079-1:2019

Our specialists will filter your documentation by verifying its compliance with DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC: failure to comply with it generates a debilitating non-conformity of your use and maintenance manual. Idem with IEC/IEEE 82079-1:2019, which provides general principles and requirements for the preparation of information for product use, necessary to fulfil your market, legal and regulatory obligations.

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