Quality as core value: ISO 9001

19 November 2021

Since November 2021 Editha has been ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design and provision of services for the editing of technical communication documentation. This standard specifies the requirements to establish and maintain a quality management system in a business.

Maybe it is unusual to dedicate a post to this kind of topic, however, we decided to tell you more about the certification process because it played an important role in our company and gave us the chance to challenge ourselves.

What is ISO 9001 standard

ISO 9001 is a family of standards and guidelines developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) which sets the requirements that must be met to establish a quality management system in an organization. It aims to help companies to be more efficient and to improve their processes and services to increase customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2015 in particular deals with Quality management systems and its main purpose is to define and certify the company requirements for the implementation of a quality manage system.

In order to meet the standard requirements and become certified, a company should verify compliance of its services to the acceptance criteria at all company levels, from top management to after-sale assistance and in all phases: planning, design, sales and delivery. The ultimate aim of this standard is to certify that a company has put in place a series of operating processes that will allow it to achieve its objectives and meet customer expectations.

History and evolution

ISO 9001 was initially published in 1987 and it has undergone several revisions in the last 30 years. The first release was highly bureaucratic and mainly addressed to manufacturing companies, whose main focus was on quality control and assurance.

The standard has then evolved over the years eliminating the language and regulations typical of the manufacturing sector and embracing small businesses as well as company that provide services instead of products.

What ISO 9001 means to us at Editha

As we have already mentioned, sharing processes and knowledge is one of the key values of our company. We didn’t decide to become ISO 9001 certified to show off an additional logo in our website or documents. Getting this certification gave us the opportunity to thoroughly examine our reality and processes and prove scientifically that our approach was more than just words.

Undertaking the certification process required us to inspect every single area and process of our company under a magnifying glass: from top management to after-sale assistance, from project planning and management to final delivery. 

We worked for months on multiple fronts to ensure that every aspect of Editha would be guided by the values we have always shared. Together with our collaborators we reviewed all the documents produced over the years and examined our company infrastructure. 

We handled the certification process as we handle every single project: to the best of our abilities, with the utmost attention to every detail. Editha has been greatly enriched by this experience. The team actively contributed to the process of revising company documentation and building a robust knowledge base from which our customers can benefit project after project. We decided to use Monday, our shared platform, not only as a project management tool to track project statuses, but also as a structured knowledge base tailored to our needs, full of instruction manuals and tutorials that can be shared on the fly. We wanted to put this experience in black and white to make sure we will always remember it and to keep in mind that those alphanumerics represent our commitment towards our team and our customers to always translate our work into poetry.

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Scritto da Sabrina Fiorini

Sabrina Fiorini is Editha's CEO and Project Coordinator. With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of Desktop Publishing, she founded Editha creating an international network of professionals in the sector to offer a complete offer to translation agencies and technical editorial departments. She loves continuous learning and is passionate about diets that she reads assiduously while sipping a glass of good red wine.
Project management in Editha

Project management in Editha

Good project management means shared vision and ethics. For complex jobs it’s essential to rely on technologies such as Monday.



Good communication is at the core of our business. Whether we are dealing with DTP projects in languages that we do not speak, with a user manual or a post on our blog, we always keep in mind that our main goal is to communicate clearly.

Taking stock of 2021

Taking stock of 2021

Summing up a whole year in the middle of a pandemic is not easy. We are filled with deep gratitude for the network we have created and nurtured.


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