Translated into poetry

8 June 2021

We used the tagline ‘Tradotto in poesia’ – ‘Translated into poetry’ – for the first time when we launched our new website, in its footer. This slogan is a summary of all the work that we’ve done: a technical activity combined with a progressive introspection process both on an emotional and working level.

It embodies a feeling that we could not describe before and vividly conveys Editha’s philosophy.

It’s not just an empty sentence. It expresses our company values in just three words.

Redesigning our website led us to the rediscovery of our fundamental values

It’s been difficult for us to stop in the rush of daily deadlines to redesign our website. However, we took this opportunity to take some time and write down the main aspects of our work ethic.

With our thirty years of experience, if we had wanted to make to a list of our jobs, goals, numbers and statistics, it would have been a very long one. Nevertheless, it was not simply a matter of taking stock of the past, we wanted look forward and establish our future goals.

For the translation process, we started from the definition of work ethic in general, and in particular of our work ethic. We wanted to express what ‘work’ truly means to us – as an essential part of the human experience – and we explained how we want it to be and how we should deal with it in our everyday life.

Translating work into poetry

As my dad would say: ‘no matter what you’ll do for a living, always do your best, because you will spend at least one-third your life working’.

We do our best when we translate our work into poetry.

‘Translated into poetry’ represents the deep respect for our work and our firm commitment to treat our customers, collaborators and new contacts with consideration and courtesy.

‘Translated into poetry’ is not about the number of hours you sit at your desk. It’s not about staying late at work to be your boss’s apple of eye. It’s about knocking off work on time, being proud of what you did because you gave you best.

‘Translated into poetry’ is our choice to talk less and act more, in a world where shouting and abusing are too often the easiest solutions.

Finally, we decided to translate this philosophy into a pictogram which we are using wherever possible. It reminds us, and hopefully our collaborators as well, that we want our work to be poetry itself.

May it be a lighthouse which always lights your course in a storm and guides you to the safe harbour of your values.

Scritto da Sabrina Fiorini

Sabrina Fiorini is Editha's CEO and Project Coordinator. With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of Desktop Publishing, she founded Editha creating an international network of professionals in the sector to offer a complete offer to translation agencies and technical editorial departments. She loves continuous learning and is passionate about diets that she reads assiduously while sipping a glass of good red wine.
Taking stock of 2021

Taking stock of 2021

Summing up a whole year in the middle of a pandemic is not easy. We are filled with deep gratitude for the network we have created and nurtured.

Quality as core value: ISO 9001

Quality as core value: ISO 9001

Since November 2021 Editha has been ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design and provision of services for the editing of technical communication documentation. This standard specifies the requirements to establish and maintain a quality management system in a business.


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