Text authoring and post-translation.

We’ve been producing technical manuals in 32 languages for 25 years, so we know that every Customer has specific needs and its own way of doing things. Our authors know it, our DTP specialists know it and so does MadCap Flare, the software for advanced management of multilingual technical content.

You can see for yourself by logging into the process management portal we use for your projects and checking exactly how far we’ve got, which of us is taking care of your job, and how they’re going about it.

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Coordinated image and DTP

Whether it’s a simple instruction leaflet or a complex manual, we leave nothing to the personal interpretation of the user.

On the back of our experience in post-translation and the re-working of texts, we know how to advise you on layout, the restructuring of content, and the most suitable output medium for your document (PDF, webhelp, mobile).

And once we’ve got the right communication formula, we work alongside you to design a coordinated image that’s in keeping with your corporate identity and sets you apart from your competitors.

Training and support

Whether you’re an agency, a small firm or a large company, whether you appoint us to handle an entire project or just part of it, you’ll always enjoy the benefits that derive from having a comprehensive team dedicated to you. Our authors, DTP specialists, web designers, software consultants and trainers are all ready to take care of every step in the process of producing your documentation and supporting your transition from traditional formats (such as Word and FrameMaker) to MadCap Flare. For faster, more structured management of all your content, including existing content. So that every detail of your project slots seamlessly into your communication strategy and strikes exactly the note you’re looking for.